there is makan, the experimental filipino restaurant; and there is eliseos, the bed and breakfast on the beach where the restaurant is situated. makan means, “any nourishing substance that you ingest for sustenance”; eliseos is plural for the name eliseo as in, eliseo sr. and eliseo jr. the father and son that reimagined a quaint holiday home and all the renovations is a story between father and son, engineer and cook

the ideals of the business is centered around that family bond : the plan is for that to resonate within our guests. we believe that it starts with the relationships between the people running the business and the people working within the business. it’s about sharing meals and experiences, good or bad, even before the guest arrives. the property is a home first and foremost - a home built on hardships and life lessons, good food and better conversations. second to that is the community, our neighbors in this lovely surf town. we believe that helping and supporting the people around you will not only boost the quality of life but also bring in more opportunity.


we live good here and we’d love to share it with you.


HOME: An eclectic mix of mid-century design

with board sports and “wabi-sabi” ideals.

A home with a bunch of expressions in a community of even more characters. 

179 St. Jude Village, Ili Norte,

San Juan, La Union, Philippines

P: +63 917 577 4882



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